Mank Was Born Today

Herman J. Mankiewicz is 114.  I mean, he's dead, sure, but that doesn't make him any less 114.  People often ask, "What else did he write besides Citizen Kane?"  Well, you can find out here but, really, does it matter?  He co-wrote Citizen Kane.  Isn't that enough?

Also born today were Leatrice Joy and Dean Jagger.  I'm not as familiar with Leatrice's work (although I have seen DeMille's 1923 The Ten Commandments) but her name was "Leatrice Joy" so didn't she already win the lottery anyway with that name?  And she lived to be 91.

Dean Jagger I mainly know from Twelve O'Clock High, Bad Day at Black Rock and X: The Unknown, which I watched again just last year.   He had a simple, straight-forward demeanor and delivery.  He wasn't flashy or showy and never a star but reliable to the end.