SHOCKtober Day 4

These two favorite characters couldn't be more different...or maybe I mean ALIKE.

(I mean different)

Pinhead (Hellraiser, Hellraiser in Space, Hellraiser in the Computer, Hellraiser in the Old Days, That Hellraiser with Kari Wuhrer, Some Other Hellraisers Probably)

Sayeth the chooser of Pinhead: "Pinhead. Specifically, Doug Bradley as Pinhead, because fuck that new guy. I don't even know his name, but seriously, fuck that guy. Also, if I can be even more specific, Doug Bradley as Pinhead in the original Hellraiser. The sequels are mostly awful."

Scotty Parker (Silent Scream)

If anybody every asks why someone would choose Scotty Parker, I would just silently point to this picture. SILENTLY and SCREAMINGLY, I mean.