Christopher Lee Tells Stories and Gives Advice!

Three years ago, here on Cinema Styles, I put together some short videos of Christopher Lee from an old CD-Rom I bought in the nineties. It was a CD-Rom on ghosts called, yes, Ghosts. That one of the first things I ever bought for a computer, back in 1994, was a CD-Rom titled Ghosts and hosted by Christopher Lee should surprise no one. That I saved it even after it stopped working may be cause for slight surprise. Years later, in 2008, I pulled the video files from the now defunct CD-Rom and put together these two Public Service Announcements plus a full ghost story, The Silent Pool, narrated by Lee. Since I still like them and folks aren't likely to find them (who the hell surfs through nearly five years of archives on Cinema Styles?), I present them here again, in one post package. The video is poor quality because it was produced in 1994 for PC screens that had maximum screen settings of 640 x 480 and processors that had trouble presenting text, much less videos. But still, it's Christopher Lee! Enjoy.