October, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

If you're not ready for October, you might as well be in Dubrovnik.

October is almost here and it truly is my favorite time of the year. Fall and it's grey skies and multi-colored leaves tumbling to the ground just makes me feel good. A love of classic horror does the same and all month long it's what I watch and write about. This year won't be any different in that respect except possibly, as mentioned in the previous post, a bit scaled back. I'd like to re-examine some ideas from October's past. Not reposting old entries but reintroducing their ideas. There are things from, say, three years ago, discussed with a whole other set of commenters that I wouldn't mind plunging into again, or that I have some new thoughts on and would like to hear yours (or, read yours, as it were). I'd like to talk a little bit more about sci-fi as well, a genre that often directly crosses over into horror (Frankenstein, Doctor X, The Thing, etc).

 And, mind you, I don't like the scaling back but other writing keeps me busy. One thing I've started to use more often is twitter. It's funny; the 140 character limit seems ridiculous at first and the fact that there isn't really conversation (not without tagging the person whose attention you want to get) makes the whole endeavor seem pointless. But damned if it doesn't suddenly open up a world of magical possibilities when you've got no time and a desire to put something out there; a link, a thought, a judgment, a recommendation or just an obscure reference. And Facebook's a good outlet, too, when time and opportunity are infrequent acquaintances.

 But once the fall arrives, everything feels fresh again even if I know by February I'll feel like giving up on everything after three solid months of low light. No matter. Fall is when my AFI attendance picks up and this October they've got plenty of Vincent Price to keep me busy. My wife and I are going to take the youngest to see The Raven on Halloween. We've all seen it before, all love it and look forward to a big screen viewing before trick or treating begins in earnest. And I look forward to another October here, and my first at TCM with the Morlocks. So make sure you stop back in both here and there so we can watch, talk about and celebrate horror (and sci-fi) all month long.