Cinema Styles October, Coming Soon???

It's almost October and in the past that's meant a lot of fun festivities here at Cinema Styles celebrating all that is horror.  October has been, traditionally, the month in which I post more than any other, often around 30 to 40 total.

No more.

Peter will now explain it to you.
Oh, there will be October festivities and new posts, just not on the order of 30 to 40.  I've got my gig at TCM to update each week plus program articles for the main site so October here will be scaled back considerably.  However, I've put together quite a lot of posts in the past and what I think I may do is re-introduce some ideas from past Octobers.  Not repostings, an idea I'm not too wild about (I prefer to let posts remain at their original post date) but, rather, a reintroduction of a topic or two I may have tackled a couple of years ago but still have some areas I'd like to explore with it.

And, of course, for those intrepid bloggers who will be going full-tilt, like my friend Bill Ryan, Arbogast (Yes? No?), Peter Nellhaus and, possibly, Bob Turnbull, I will provide links to all the fun going on over there.  I'll be updating here a couple more times before October but just wanted to lay down a plan of action before the best month of the year arrives.  See you there.