Rise of the CGI

By all accounts, Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks to be a very good movie. I've heard nothing but good and the critical consensus itself seems to be the movie is above average for a sci-fi thriller. I'm also a Planet of the Apes (POTA) fanatic so I know for a fact I'll be seeing this. And yet, why does it bother me so much that they went all CGI instead of using makeup? I never cared for the Tim Burton version but the makeup was superb. And if you're going to go to all this trouble...

... why not just put the damn actors in make-up?

I've read takes on the film praising the amazing quality of the CGI and yet, when I look at stills, trailers and hi-def clips from the movie, it looks to me, yet again, as fake as fake can be. Why? Why do others see great looking creations while I see elaborate cut-scenes from video games?

I don't know the answer to that, maybe I never will. Maybe I just hate the fact that the loss of great make-up artistry is a loss of great artists whose work took until 1981 to be recognized by the Academy and now, barely thirty years later, it's already disappearing.