TCM, Morlocks and Me

Just a quick announcement about recent events in which I find myself inextricably linked with Kimberly Lindbergs once again. To rework the old political saying, as Kimberly goes, so goes Greg.

See, when I started writing online all those years ago back in 2007, Kimberly was the first person to introduce herself to me. I had gone on Dennis Cozzalio's matchless Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule blog a few times, and Dennis had commented on mine (the first official Cinema Styles commenter ever), and Kimberly popped over to Cinema Styles after finding me there and introduced herself in the comment pages (my second intro, by the way, was from Ken Lowery after we saw each other's comments on Jim Emerson's excellent Scanners blog).

Within about a year (maybe a little more, maybe a little less) Kimberly had posts up on Cinebeats about Cinema Retro and pieces she had done for them. "Cool," I thought. Not long after that, I was contacted by the editor of Cinema Retro about doing a piece for their website thanks to finding me from Cinebeats. "Even cooler," I thought.

After that, one of my favorite blog stops, If Charlie Parker was a Gunslinger There'd be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats, started by the incomparable and mysterious Tom Sutpen, asked Kimberly to join their ranks and start posting for the blog. About a year later, you guessed it, Tom asked me to join as well.

Then, just shortly after that, Turner Classic Movies asked Kimberly Lindbergs to become a Morlock, one of their official bloggers. At this point, I'm guessing that you can see where this is going. Two weeks ago, Jeff Stafford, online editor for Turner Classic Movies contacted me asking me to join the team. Of course, I said yes. Starting Wednesday, July 6th, I'll be an official blogger for TCM and hope to see you there. A special thanks to the strange and magical Richard Harland Smith for putting in a good word for me and to Jeff for reading Cinema Styles and having confidence I could write for TCM as well.

I look forward to posting for the Morlocks over at TCM and hope you'll join me there, often.

Now would someone PLEASE give Kimberly Lindbergs a million dollars! Please!