A Blog With No Cheer or:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse

I'm not exactly blazing new trails in website posting around these parts lately but, hey, I got a lot going on. I mean, there's going up to Massachusetts to get my daughter from college, planning a birthday party for my other daughter (actually, just trying to sort out what she told me was going to happen and trying to understand how it's all going to work and then there's this scavenger hunt map that has to be made and... oh, never mind) and on top of all that, the world's going to end on Saturday in an epic battle between someone's idea of good and evil. So Saturday might be a little slow but since I'm sure I'll be left behind (ahem), I promise things will pick up on Sunday.

Just a few thoughts until then:

Watched The Verdict again after Sidney Lumet's recent death. Wow, what an incredible career performance by Paul Newman!

Watched Raging Bull again recently too. Kept watching the scene in front of the tv where Jake (Robert De Niro) says, "That's not what I heard," and then Joey (Joe Pesci) says, "What'd you hear," and then Jake says, "I heard some things... I heard things." Made my wife and oldest daughter watch it too. Repeatedly. Did things like point and say, "Wait... here it comes." I keep saying it around the house, "I heard some things." Can no longer watch that scene without chuckling. That shouldn't be the case but, sadly, it is. Still think it's an excellent movie but other Scorsese flicks are much better.

Enjoy watching the opening credit sequences from Mission: Impossible on Netflix Instant. Don't care much for the actual episodes but each opening credit sequence is unique to that episode so you don't really have to watch the show. When I do, I remember my prepubescent fascination with Barbara Bain. She played Cinnamon. No, seriously, her name was Cinnamon.

Really enjoy watching the opening cattle call audition scene from All That Jazz. Did a Facebook status update based on the lyrics of On Broadway. Yeah, I'm pretty fucking sad.

Now have thousands of followers on my tumblr site and having a great time doing it. It's allowed me to combine my old Unexplained Cinema site, featuring shots from movies, with The Invisible Edge's more parody filled posts. There are a lot of younger bloggers there than me so it feels a little different than here. The people I follow (hoodoothatvoodoo, mudwerks, vintagegal, alleyesandears, cupcake katie, amphora) are terrific bloggers who post some incredible artwork and photography. I rather enjoy it and look forward to keeping it up.

You know a favorite moment of mine in a movie (and, no, it's not something amazing or portentous or telling): When everyone goes into the chocolate room in the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Gene Wilder, just before he starts singing Pure Imagination says, "Hold your breath... make a wish... count to three" and then he goes into the song. That's a great moment and he does a wonderful job with the song.

Got the John Barry box set about a month ago. Look, I know I loved the guy's music before but, damn, it's really something! An incredible listen, over and over and over again. And Beat Girl is all kinds of mod rock awesome!

Well, that's it for now. Back to work, preparing for parties and the apocalypse. If I have any revelations before then, I'll let you know.