Unexplained Cinema

Just a quick bit of self-promotion: If you were one of the utterly select, unique, creative, imaginative and all-around awesome people who followed Unexplained Cinema, formerly on Blogger, you may have noticed I shut down operations over there and moved it to tumblr where it works a hell of a lot better. Most of those who did follow showed up after Film Comment wrote it up last year (along with Cinema Styles) so I certainly didn't want to abandon it but Blogger just wasn't working for what I wanted to do there.

Tumblr allows a wider variety of links, including stand-alone audio links, as well as picture sets that scroll through the frames like a slideshow and since picture sets was the main staple of Unexplained Cinema, it made sense to make the move. Another advantage of tumblr is that there are no comments. Since Unexplained Cinema was all about the posted screengrab speaking for itself, comments seemed superfluous. Instead, if you're a member of tumblr, you can favorite a post or reblog it, whichever you desire.

Keep in mind, it's starting over from scratch so there's only around 20 or so posts to look at right now but more go up every day. Thanks, in advance, for stopping by.