The Week in Retreat

The For the Love of Film Noir winds down today but please, keep giving if you can.

This past week represented a slight retreat from the blog for me as I let the blogathon, run by Marilyn and Farran, take center stage here. I was going to write more, much more, but then pulled back at the last moment.

My wife and I saw Scarlet Street at the AFI a couple of months back as a part of a noir retrospective touring the country and I was going to write that up but then noticed several Scarlet Street posts and realized I'd add nothing new except how awesome the movie-going experience was at the AFI, which isn't exactly news to anyone coming here as I regularly sing its praises on these pages.

And I saw more Oscar nominees and decided that, once again, I feel out of step with the passion guided towards some movies and the apathy towards others. I found myself upset at the state of writing in print and online and decided I was going to write about that, and the nominees, all together in one big mess of a post. And I will, though perhaps not all at once. I found myself bitching to friends about all of it, from Bill to Arbogast, and making jokes on Facebook about this week being "Anger Week" at Cinema Styles as I vent all my frustrations.

Of course, as expected, given time, much of the anger dissipates. Still, I've got a few things I'd like to say, and will, this week. But more importantly, give whatever you can to the Film Noir Blogathon. I know times are tough (my wife and I still haven't recovered from me being out of work for a year and trying to get a kid through college) so any amount is okay, and welcome. Thanks.