You may have noticed, or soon will notice the large "For Lease" signs in our front windows. At first these may seem like cause for alarm, but we assure you WE ARE NOT CLOSING DOWN THE STORE.

We moved into our current location a few years back, but now find we can no longer sustain the shop where we are. We are looking to move to a new, medium size-ish location, somewhere in size between our original and our current one. And yes, we definitely want to stay close, as close to where we are now as possible.

As we have to wait for someone new to take over our current location until we can end our current lease, we have no time frame, nor do we have a new location chosen. And unlike the last time we moved, we are not being coy. We do not know yet.

So, to recap:

1) Scary-looking signs
2) Not closing the store
3) Looking to move to a better location for us all to enjoy in 2011
4) Have no way right now to know where or when, so keep on keepin' on

But mostly, and with love: