Frankensteinia for the Rondo

The Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards are entering their ninth year and remain fan-based in both their nominations and awards. One of the awards handed out, the one that concerns this piece, is for Best Blog. One of the 25 nominated blogs, Frankensteinia, run by Pierre Fournier, has my support to win the top honors this year, as it had my support last year, though it did not win. Last year that honor went to Max Cheney of The Drunken Severed Head, an excellent blog in its own right. This year, Max e-mailed me to let me know he was endorsing Pierre and hoped I would again, which of course I do.

Frankensteinia is a blog of superb distinction and the amount of detail, devotion and love that Pierre Fournier pours into it deserves, at long last, to be honored. I have rarely come upon a blog so thorough in content, so pristine in quality and so sincere in devotion to its subject as Frankensteinia. If you find yourself obliged to vote for the Rondos, please make your way to the ballot for Best Blog and cast your vote for Frankensteinia. Thank you.