The For the Love of Film (Noir) BlogathonStarts Monday!

And here's where you can make a difference.

Just click on the button above and you'll be whisked away to PayPal where you can give in support of the Film Noir Foundation.

AND... follow this link to go to the place where you can find five different sizes of this button in both landscape and portrait for either within the post (as here) or on your sidebar (they're also, of course, listed below) as well as ads and posters for display on your website. Don't forget to visit Ferdy on Films and The Self-Styled Siren for all the details.

Now download the posters and buttons, put up the link and let's get this thing started!*

*To use the buttons within a post on Blogger, simply load the picture into your post as you would with any picture in a post, then click on it and hit the link button where it will allow you to put in the url for the Film Noir Foundation. I plan to put the button at the end of each post in this manner.

If you plan to use a donation button on your sidebar in Blogger, it's simply a matter of loading it up under gadgets and putting the url in the place where it asks what link you want for the picture.