There's a problem with the donation link for the For the Love of Film Noir blogathon that's causing dead ends when people click to donate. I've commented at a few blogs about this but the problem persists so let me address it here. First, it is not the fault of anyone doing the linking, the problem is that the PayPal url for donations is a secure link, and so it changes once you are at the donation page. This means that when people go to the page and then copy the url, it is the wrong url. Our apologies for this hiccup in the system but here's the fix. If you are using these links on your homepage or know a blogger who is but doesn't see this, here is the correct link:

If the link being used is longer than this and doesn't end in "LHAW", it is the wrong link. The correct link ends in "LHAW" and is listed above. Please change any link you have for the donations to this one. Thank you so much for your patience and assistance.