It occurs to me...

... a big disappointment, movie-wise, doesn't have to necessarily be a movie that had any chance of being good in the first place, or even a sequel to a good movie. Everyone mentions The Godfather, Part III as being a noteworthy disappointment but I'll be honest: I was much more disappointed in Beyond the Poseidon Adventure and that wasn't even a sequel to a very good movie to begin with.

After seeing The Towering Inferno, and liking it, I had high hopes for Earthquake. Boy, did that suck, bad!

Here's another one: The Wasp Woman. Yeah, yeah, I know, how could I have expected that to be good but that's missing the point. It's not that I expected it to be good, it's that I expected to be entertained, and I wasn't.

It also occurs to me that a movie that doesn't disappoint doesn't have to be good either. Like At the Earth's Core. Man, that still doesn't disappoint me. And I'm the first to admit, it's no 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Speaking of which, 2010: The Year We Make Contact. That disappointed, hugely. And I did expect it to be good! What a fool I was.

But Logan's Run and Raise the Titanic didn't disappoint, and lordy, that second one really should've but, you know, the ship came up real nice-like and that's all I paid to see anyway. And Logan's Run has all those cats and ivy in the nation's capitol. I mean, really, if I could cover Washington, D.C. in anything, it'd probably be cats and ivy so, kudos to the filmmakers for hitting the nail on the head there.

I should end this by saying big studio Oscar bait movies rarely disappoint because I expect them to be cliche-filled garbage and, sure enough, they usually are. So when you take in one of those and it sucks, it's expected. But a bad movie you expect to entertain you that doesn't? Brother, that can be crushing.