Happy 120th, Fritz!

Fritz Lang, the director who first captivated so many cinephiles and non-obsessive moviegoers alike with masterworks such as Metropolis and M, turns 120 today.

Recently I took in Lang's superb Scarlet Street at the AFI in Silver Spring, MD and will give it a full write-up during the For the Love of Film (Noir) blogathon in February. But Lang is related to our blogathon by more than just directing one of the films I'll be writing up. The film our blogathon is specifically raising money to restore is The Sound of Fury, a remake of Fritz Lang's Fury, with Spencer Tracy and Sylvia Sidney. Fury is a personal favorite of mine, a DVD I own and plan to write-up as well during the blogathon.

So Happy Birthday, Fritz! Your gifts behind the camera have inspired more of us in more ways than you could have possibly imagined.