Coming at ya!

Enough of this no posting shit! Cinema Styles is back... with a vengeance!

What does it mean, "back with a vengeance?" I don't know. I mean, I don't harbor any ill will towards any of you and certainly don't feel the need to right some ancient wrong through violent means. All I know is that the off-site work that was stressing me out and driving me nuts is over and now, thanks to extra hours put in, I get to comp myself a couple of days at home this week. So, Cinema Styles is back. Whether vengeance is involved will be decided at a later date.

Earn 25 Cinema Styles Dollars* by naming the movie pictured in this post.

*Cinema Styles Dollars are a non-existent promotional item that contain no value, either real or imaginary. Cinema Styles Dollars cannot be used for any transaction, either real or imagined, and are for entertainment purposes only, said entertainment being "entertainment" in the nominal sense only by which, henceforth, shall be considered to be neither real nor imagined. Cinema Styles reserves the right to revoke Cinema Styles Dollars at any time and for any reason, most likely because Cinema Styles believes you do not deserve to bask in the glory that is Cinema Styles Dollars. Cinema Styles also reserves the right to pursue legal action on any individual seeking any means of compensation from Cinema Styles Dollars, up to and including a $50,000 settlement and/or 25 years exile on the island of Cinema Styles' choosing. Cinema Styles also reserves the right to wrest control of your home, finances and familial benefits should you attempt, in any way, to use Cinema Styles Dollars. Thank you for using Cinema Styles Dollars.