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A More Than Guilty Pleasure...

Alrighty...I was tagged (challenged) by my blog sis Issa Rae after I gave her a hard time about revealing her guilty pleasure; Damon Wayans' "Blankman", which surely made me give her the serious telephoto side-eye (to read her post, click HERE).

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned; I actually enjoyed "Norbit". *ducks as tomatoes are thrown*

What can I say? First off, how can you not laugh at a character named "Rasputia"? That is comedy. Every time she got into that tiny MG Midget car and her boobs made the horn blow I laughed. Yes, I realize that's sad, but I still think it's funny.

I kinda like it when Eddie plays a nerd. I happen to think his public persona is one of the most arrogant on earth, and it is very off-putting, but I also think it is to hide the real nerd underneath, that he plays so well in this and "Bowfinger" (another movie of his I happened to really enjoy). I also absolutely adore Thandie Newton.

This film was directed by Brian Robbins, who is responsible for 99% of Eddie Murphy's bombs...I still think Brian has a picture of Eddie and Johnny Gill in a compromising position--why on earth else would Eddie still work with him? But this is the one I don't mind, and would watch again--let the mudslinging on Invisible Woman begin. Issa Rae, I hope you're happy!

Here is a scene of Rasputia and Norbit in the car, and I laughed again while watching sue me...haha!

Take A Gander....

How bout a couple of trailers? I wanted to post this last week, as I knew about this film before most (as I usually do) but I was too busy to post, so everyone looks like they have the scoop before me, as usual. I must step it up! For your perusal, "Takers" with Idris Elba, T.I., Chris Brown, Michael Ealy, and Zoe Saldana. Might be fun, but the poster, it's fair to say, is positively atrocious. Michael K. had this to say:

I have no clue what this Takers movie is about, but based on the poster I'm guessing the "something" everyone is after is NECKS! This shit should be called NECK TAKERS, because none of these motherfuckers on this poster have one! Paul Walker sort of has one, but it's hidden underneath that spandex turtleneck(?!!!?). I mean, what in the fuck?! My drunk computer-illiterate uncle, who thinks an ipod is a type of diaphragm (true story), could do a better Photoshop job than this!

I wish Paul Walker would use his GIGANTIC hands to rip that hat off of Hayden Christensen's head, because SamRo has been asking for it.

And part of me hopes the movie is just like the poster. You know, a bunch of cardboard cut-outs hanging around together, boozing, smoking and TAKING!

Saw this over at my blog sis' spot, IssaRae.Com....Barry Jenkins, director of "Medicine For Melancholy" has this new short about interracial love, involving a Black woman and an Asian man:

How about a bit of hilarity, yes? "Tamika The Arrogant African American Professional - Who Cant Keep A Man" featuring some "Waiting To Exhale" concepts:

Oh, I almost is director F. Gary Gray's (Friday, Set It Off) new one with Jamie Foxx, "Law Abiding Citizen::

A Peaceful Journey...

To Zakes Mokae, one of those actors you were extremely familiar with, but never really knew their name. He's been in films forever (he was 75), but I seem to remember him in movies that involved always voodoo, witchcraft, and supernatural shenanigans.

His roots were in South Africa; this from an excerpt from the NY Times:

"Mr. Mokae, who was black, and Mr. Fugard, who is white, were part of a drama collective in South Africa in the 1950s. In 1960, when they performed together in Mr. Fugard’s play about brothers with skins of different hues, “The Blood Knot,” it was the first time, Mr. Fugard said in an interview Monday, that black and white performers had appeared on the same stage in South Africa. The play not only defied a national taboo, but also propelled Mr. Fugard to international fame as a playwright and Mr. Mokae to a rich and varied career in theater, film and television."

h/t: thembi

When Worlds Collide....

Most bloggers live in two worlds, one of the blogosphere, and the one outside of it. How much is spent on one of the other is up to said person, but I have to admit, I worry about some folks. There are those who are on Twitter every single solitary time I log in, and some that I am actually shocked have children or a job, cause they tweet about 20 hours a day. It seems that for a lot of people, the two worlds are in tandem to become one.

Is it a dangerous thing? That is yet to be seen...for me, when True Blood is on, or like last night the Black Blogosphere was tweeting and riding on Republican dickwad Joe Wilson, I felt like I was hanging with some of my greatest is tremendously fun. But is it more fun than hanging with my friends at the beach? No.

But still, great things can come out of being in a certain circle of writers, observants, intellectuals, and out and out funny fools. While shopping in Ralph's yesterday, I saw a guy who looked very familiar to me---I recognized his face from a blog I read regularly. I stopped him and said "Excuse me, do you have a blog?" He said yes, and I exclaimed "Wonderman! I'm Invisible Woman!" I felt almost exhilarated...I know I probably surprised the sh*t out of him, haha. (btw, he is a very interesting and very smart blogger--you can check him out here)

I am also quite excited at the prospect of doing hood rat film stuff with my blogging sis-star Issa Rae, my partner at Soul Sis-Star Reviews...she moved from NY, and is now in LA. One event that I hope she can make (and any of my fellow Angelinos as well) is The Reel Black Men Film Festival, this Saturday the 12th at 6pm at the Chaplin Theater. Visit The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center for more info, is being moderated by the director of "A Good Day To Be Black And Sexy", Dennis Dortch.

This N' That....

So many much slacking...

Sorry for not posting. I have a sublet in L.A. while I'm looking for a permanent place...with no freakin' air conditioning! Who lives like that here? Needless to say, with 90 and a hundred degree heat, I haven't really felt like blogging.

But the heat has broken, so here I is. I have so much to say, but I know most folks don't like to read long, involved posts (at least here they don't) and frankly, I'm not in the mood to write one. So I'll do some drive-by observations:

Big Mamma's House 3: Why?

Why all the hulabaloo over "District Nine" in regards to racism? I thoroughly enjoyed it...people are never satisfied...jeesh. If you wanna talk about some real BS, see above.

Why are serial mash-on-anything-that-moves Hill Harper and 3 times married Steve Harvey suddenly considered "relationship experts" after writing suspect books? I am seriously scratching my head over that one.

If you are complaining that there is no interesting film out there, and you still haven't seen "Life Is Hot In Cracktown", you have no valid argument right now.

What happened to Andre 3000, Elijah Kelley, and Don Cheadle all doing separate Sammy Davis, Jr. projects?

Speaking of Sammy Davis, why does Nick Cannon dress and act just like him on "America's Got Talent"...velvet jackets and boutineers? Really?

Why did I see a billboard for LL Cool J's TV show, and think "I wonder who that Black guy is?" before slowly realizing that was him? Ummm...Ell--whatever you are doing to that face of yours, now would be a very, very, very good time to stop. And oh--the lip licking thing? Bury that too.

Speaking of burying, what crypt did they finally find his co-star Chris O'Donnell in?

I can't wait to see Lee Daniel's "Precious" even though everybody is referring to it as Tyler Perry and Oprah's film...I'm not surprised, and not amused. I find it interesting, however, that Mo'Nique and Mariah Carey are getting serious Oscar buzz.

And a very special thanks to Ebony Jet for selecting me as one of their favorite blogs, AOL Black Voices for linking me on their main page, and fine, wonderful readers like yourself placing me in the top 50 film blogs in the whole, wide world on Wikio....not bad for a super-slacker, eh? :-) But I know I need to step up my game...working on it (really!)

When Tyler Perry Is Considered....

Okay, naturally like everybody else I was totally and completely horrified when I first heard the news that Tyler Perry was chosen by Lionsgate to write, produce, and direct the classic play, "Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf" (I'm sure they'll shorten that title). I mean, WTF?

But then, after further reflection, I decided to keep a Zen attitude about it until the finished product....I mean, we've been bitchin' and moanin' (some of us, anyway) since I first started blogging about how mediocre Perry's scope of limited filmmaking is....he had a formula, followed it, then moved on to the next one in his factory line.

But maybe this is his chance to show there really is something else there, without him having the pressure of having to actually create the material himself. In my opinion, the Spike Lee films that I usually enjoy the most he did not write, and he definitely owns the film when all is said and done---maybe Tyler can do that as well. We should at least give him a chance and try to stay positive about it, no matter how great the initial disappointment.

On another note, speaking of Tyler and Spike, this project and Lee's "Passing Strange" lends a little gravity to the thoughts I've had for using on-stage media for film source, yes?

UPDATE: Hmmmm, maybe I spoke too soon...this from a commentor on Shadow And Act in response to a reader who wanted to start an online petition:

[NothingButAMan] – I TOTALLY support your idea of an on-line petition!! Being a former “Hollywood” girl I have great insight to this tragic situation. Stewart, who is an AMAZING talent, had been working solo on the project for the past 4 years (wrote script, secured rights, gained A-list talent, etc) only to have it stolen in a moments notice when she introduced the project to Perry who was only to exec produce. Sooooo- do you want me to start the petition or you? Another example of BLACK ON BLACK crime – this has to stop!!!!

From IW: Wow. Tyler is surely stepping in it....he might have bitten off more than he can chew. This from one of my loyal readers Ms. Lady Deborah:


I am going to try and keep an open mind until after I see the film.

For Colored Girls was one of the most important pieces of art for women of my generation. That was us up on that stage, talking like we did when we were hanging out with each other. Saying things that often we not spoken out loud during our young days of womanhood.

Those brothers coming from Nam, they were the men we were building relationships with and often paying devastating costs for doing so. Our anger, our joy and our love was/is right there.

It caused quite a bit of friction within the Black community. I remember when it played in my hometown, the brothers were all laughing and feeling the first part of the choreopoem-until the rough subjects like rape, violence and negative views starting being presented. Those moments caused many men to become outraged and declare that it was male bashing. But, we fought back in defense of what was said, because so many of us had lived those moments in our personal stories. Even though many of our men and families did not want to acknowledge that as a matter of fact.

I hope that Tyler realizes if he does not handle this material in a proper manner-he is going to catch the blues from multiple generations of sistas.

For Colored Girls is now a classical work of theatre. He'd better step real correct! I want to hear our voice and the voices of our younger sistas in a manner that I understand.

IW: Like Bernie Mac said in "The Player's Club": "they's gonna be trooouubbbllllee...."